Serialize and unserialize

I need to insert array results to 1 field like this 1,3,5 etc…

How can I do this . ?

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@George , @Teodor can you explain me how can I do this … I cant save my form post values into field like this 1,2,3,5,0,4

fieldname = urun_ozellikleri (varchar 255)
post field type = array

Hello Serhat,
You need to use the join filter here, so the value would be:

{{$_POST.urun_ozellikleri.join(",", "")}}
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how can I save this values (selected row values) in mysql field (all values in 1 field )
like this

forexample ;

| product_name | extra_properties |
| yealink ıp phone | 1,2,8,4 |

Well depends on the database structure you can just save as long string with all the id’s comma separated ( most easer way) or have a second table where you insert all the selected is’s as separate records

@Teodor Thank you …working :slight_smile: