SEO and Google listing using title and description meta tag


The ‘title’ tag and ‘meta description’ of each page for a site I have developed can be set up by the client through a CMS created in Wappler. These are added to the page head as


When the page is indexed by Google the page title is picked up and displays correctly as text in the Search Engine results. However, the description on the Google results page listing which is normally the content of ‘metatag description’ shows as {{[0].articleMetaDescription}} and not as the correct text.

If you search on Google for you will see what the listing looks like with the {{[0].articleMetaDescription}} where the Google description normally appears.

Is there any way to remedy this?


Hi @magicwebs
How did you bind the value to the meta description tag? Can you paste the code of meta-description here please?


Nevermind, i followed the link you provided.
All you need to do is to change:

<meta name="description" content="{{[0].articleMetaDescription}}">
<meta name="keywords" content="{{[0].articleMetaKeywords}}">


<meta name="description" dmx-bind:content="{{[0].articleMetaDescription}}">
<meta name="keywords" dmx-bind:content="{{[0].articleMetaKeywords}}">

So that the dynamic values can be parsed by app connect on page load.


Hello Teodor

<!doctype html>


And so on

Best wishes



@magicwebs Please check my last reply and make the changes i described, your issue will be fixed then.


Hello Teodor

Many thanks, I having been trying to figure out how to do this properly for days.

Wappler team have made a fantastic piece of software; all your hard work and enthusiasm is very much appreciated. It is such a pleasure to use Wappler compared with hauling through Dreamweaver.

Best wishes



Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:
Your site looks great by the way!


This worked for me : moving is=“dmx-app” out of into:


Hello Chris,
You just need to click App in app structure and select whether to apply it on body or on the page, in the properties panel.

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:sunglasses: Yes! that did it: App tab: app structure: app root: Page

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