Sentry: what a tool!

It is incredible the amount of errors I am catching in production that end-users don’t care to report.

Thanks team for introducing me to this app!


Yes amazing tool indeed! A must have these days! And such a nice invisible error reporting! So you can fix stuff without the user even noticing the problem :slight_smile:

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Out of interest, was there anymore to setup other than adding some JS to each page you wanted to track?

Basically that.

I only have frontend being monitored at the moment but I plan to add backend also once they finish the custom middleware feature.

That is if you are going the SAAS route and want sentry to host your backend. You can also self-host.

I believe Wappler self hosts. They won a hacking event and got a great discount for a VPS server if I recall correctly.


Yes indeed, self host on VPS is the best way for us and the most cost effective :slight_smile:

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Hey @JonL,

I was wondering if you were using the paid plan, or you are getting enough error reporting just by using their free plan.

I am on the free plan atm. Via Heroku addon which in theory has 50K free events per month…but my dashboard actually shows only 5K so I need to check with Heroku.
I am also throttling the amount of events that are sent so I can stay in free for the moment.

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You got me excited about Sentry - I’m trying to install it on my NodeJS app following the express instructions:

But I have no idea how to do so. Adding the init code to server.js breaks the site. Putting it in custom middleware also breaks the routing.

Can you show me how?

Edit: got it working How to install Sentry on the Back-end (NodeJS)

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There is also Love both Sentry and Rollbar.

@shadowcodex interesting! Do you use them side by side?

I do not. They perform similar functions so would choose one or the other. I’ve used them both though on separate projects.