Send notification from one page to another


I’m finishing my login and registration structure, so I’ve wanted to send a notification from de “Change Password” page to my Login page when the password has been successfully updated by the user.

I’ve already tried using the on Success… go to login and adding a query parameter to the login page. But I can’t find any conditional for the login page that checks if there is any parameter in the URL and runs the notification.


Hi @salvuccicarlos, welcome to Wappler!

What is the reason you want to send them to your login page? Of you just want to have a notification that the password was changed successfully, you could use the App Connect Notifications?

So I think you are saying you want to send a message from the change password page to the login page on change

Again, assuming your success event in the change password page uses a browser.goto() to go to the login page?

add a parameter to the goto() such as ‘login.php?update=yes’

In your login page, click on App and select “Define Query Parameters” and define the url parameter “update” to make it available on that page

Lastly add a message such as “Password Updated” and set it’s dynamic attribute “Show” to the condition “query.update ==yes” so it only shows when the url parameter is send with the value “yes”