Send Email & Insert Data

I have a form where it is populated by input field query. Once the data is in the form, and the Submit button is clicked, the email is perfectly successful.

However, to minimize any redundancy, can I add an insert action into the existing action that sends the email and insert the form data into the database? This way the email is sent, and the email data is stored.

Thanks for any instructions or suggestions.

This is similar to when a user registers for membership. The action steps look like

In your case, the reCATCHA and Validate steps are not required.

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Ben you’re too cool. I appreciate your help.

Hi JR,
With server connect you can build any logic or add steps to an already existing logic.
I.e. there are no issues to extend the send mail server action with an insert step, or any other step you need to add at any time.
That’s why we build server connect like that, with steps that are executed in the order they are added.

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Thank you Teo. That’s great news!

@revjrblack woow nice interface. I‘m wondering how you do this layout? It takes me so much time with wappler, shadow and fine tuning with colours. Maybe you use some different approach and import it into wappler?

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Thanks Freddy!

I guess it just been a lot of trial, error, and… years of it!

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