Selecting properties does not actually apply code and selection in code view not working

Used Operating System

  • Windows 10 Pro

Steps to reproduce

  • create a button and a modal dialog (as an example of a general issue)
  • apply ‘action toggle’ to button


  • design view appears correctly, but code view show no code is actually generated
  • correct selection is no longer possible in code view


  • close/restart Wappler


  • The steps above work perfecly some of the time, so the issue may not be apparent - see comments below

The above is just an example - I don’t think it’s specfic to buttons/modals etc… I have come across a number of cases where options appear to be correctly applied in design view, but not in code view - and selection in code view stops working correctly. In other cases, code is applied, but not in the correct place (sometimes resulting in invalid HTML. Usually restarting Wappler resolves the problem. Sometimes killing Wappler processes or deleting cache files seems to be necessary to resolve such problems.

Here is video demonstrating the issue:

Please try again if this happens now in Wappler 1.1.0

I haven’t done much testing but I as far as I can see it’s solved, which is great. Altogether it seems more robust and reliable. - Thanks!

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