Select data missing from detail view

On my home page I have a set of cards that when clicked on go to another page that provides a more detailed view. This is only some of the records are showing up on the page 2.

It’s all coming from the same tables and the cards on the home page are showing correctly.

I’m lost on how to find the reason why there’s only certain records being displayed on page 2.

Thanks in advance for your inisghts…

We could do with some more information on this.

Click on the first card - goes to a populated details page

Click on the last card - goes to an empty details page

Both have data and images available

Hmm, it seems only the first 5 give you details when you click, the rest are all empty. It looks like the Server Connect query is the issue but without seeing how you’ve built that I can’t be sure. The browser console is returning empty when you click on any apart from the first 5.

Reviewing server connects now… Thanks for the confirmation - looking at the date from the output queries to see what I’m missing in the data requests to page population. I’ll update later