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Hello All,
Please i need some guidance. I have a view and a select control. The control displays a single record in multiples. I need it to display all records in that category.
This is the attached video


My target

In your dynamic select properties you need to just have category and id as expressions for the Text and Value.
Your current expressions point to the first record only.

So the data source is not needed?

Of course it is needed.
Your text and value expressions are just wrong.

I understand it is wrong, I selected the data source. And text and value fields as expression. It does not change anything…

Just manually enter the text and value expressions as I explained above.

That select in your video has red X characters all down the left margin in the code view because there is something very wrong with it, could you paste the code for that select here, to me i see 2 things that look strange, the name="" field sees to have two words separated by a space which seems strange to me, not sure if wrong, but strange.
Then after the word true there seems to be an orphan " just sitting there which would cause untold issues.

Lastly if your data source is then your optiontext="category" and your optionvalue="id"

EDIT: I just looked again, you seem to have a missing " after name="category"

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I manually changed it and it behaves itself.
Many thanks people, have a convid-FREE day.

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