Security Provider or database does not load properly into server connect interface

Latest Mac OSX, latest Wappler 5.0.2

Not sure how to explain this, but many times when working in server connect I would add a security provider user, query and many other actions and the interface does not load the default database or provider into the properties section.

Only way around it is to delete the action and click elsewhere on the steps, right click on place I want to insert the step and most of the time it loads correctly the second time, sometimes not.

Here is screenshot of how it looks:

this is how it should look:

Seems using the + button at the top and not right click on a previous step works better. Right Click add causes the behaviour.

With the add button at the top, this seems to work every time now…

Problem still persists with right click -> add action

There should really be no difference.

Could you make a short video of the case where it still goes wrong in Wappler 5.0.3?

hi @George
this issue has been reported before but the issue is still not resolved .
You are right, because I did not understand how this problem occurred, there are also random times. I simply solve this problem as follows;

If the above mentioned problem has occurred;
I right click on one of the action steps in server connect and after the menu opens, I click the add action button. This way the problem is fixed.

@George here is a video of the security identity insert. always works the 2nd time:

This is still a recurring issue on latest version 5.2.2

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This is very much still an issue:

I get this probably 50% of the time when adding such actions. I would really appreciate a fix!

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