Security login with local xampp server


I am doing my first steps with Wappler and setup - according to the tutorials/docs - a security with login page.

Right now I have defined the following path with project/target:

project => C:\xdata - wappler\myProject
target => C:\xampp\htdocs\myProject

Both folder are being backed up on 2 other drives.

Where does Wappler save the project now?
Only within my project folder or is there an auto sync with my target folder?
How do I sync remote target (in my case a local xampp install)?

When I try to run the index.php and try to login, I am getting an error after I hit the submit button (see attached screenshot).

I would still like to understand the following:

  1. Is it possible to encryption password in database (MD5)?
  2. What field type in MySQL for encrypted password?
  3. How do I backup my entire projects the right way (folder, database)?
  4. How about the database…does wappler grab a database schema upon deploy or backup or do I need to save my database manual?

@WatchThatCode it looks like you didnt push the neccessary files to your xamp webserver folder. Go to your file structure (left panel) and push everything

  1. i used SHA256 (its an expression in your mysql insert window and press the :zap: flash arrow and click your encryption together) …dont go with MD5

  2. I used varchar(255) no need to use smth different.

  3. maybe go with dropbox or some onedrive

  4. use normaly phpmyadmin dump

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Or even easier - just hit the publish button at the bottom of the screen :slight_smile:

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@Freddy_Blockchain, SHA256 is always 64 characters long, best to use char(64) not varchar(255)


@Hyperbytes yep youre right

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thank you guys…

so wappler saves in project folder and i have to publish in order to sync with target:

Normally, Wappler will also publish on the remote. When it comes to the likes of images that you have placed locally, you will have to push them to the remote. I have also come across other occasions where I have had to push files, off hand I can’t remember which. Style sheets seem to come to mind, but I am not sure.