Search SQL Using LIKE instead of CONTAINS

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Quick question on SQL statements.

I’m creating a simple search within an ‘articles’ MariaDB table - it looks up three columns: subject, body, description. To get this to work correctly on the selected search query I have to use % wildcards so need to use ‘LIKE’ instead of ‘CONTAINS’ but see there is no option to do this on the ‘simple’ option in the database query manager.

I have to use ‘Custom’ method to build my queries, my question is: Would it be possible to include ‘LIKE’ as an option in the ‘Simple’ Database Query…?

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thanks for that @sid

I think:
Begins with = like mystring%
Ends with = like %mystring
Contains = like %mystring%

Never been 100% sure.

Multi keywords needs a little more logic but can be done quite easily.

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I tried CONTAINS every way possible but could only get my query to run with a LIKE %mystring%

I use it all the time, can you give me a sample input string? Single word or multiple?

Its working fine now, this is the only way I could get it to work, all other combos I tried using CONTAINS wouldnt output correct data.

SELECT ArticleID, CompanyID, ArticleCategory, ArticleDesc, ArticleBody, ArticleSubject, ArticleAuthor, ArticleAuthorEmail, ArticleImageURL
FROM articles
WHERE CompanyID = :P1 /* {{$_GET.cid}} */ AND (ArticleDesc LIKE :P2 /* {{'%'+$_GET.filtersearch+'%'}} */ OR ArticleSubject LIKE :P3 /* {{'%'+$_GET.filtersearch+'%'}} */)

I think your grouping may be the issue.
for a single keyword search i use this method where $_GET.filter is keyword and $_GET.companyID is the ID

As I say, multi keyword needs a bit more conditional work but easily do-able

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Thanks for that @Hyperbytes , I’ve got something similar coming up in my next section so I’ll give it another try and re-arrange groupings.

for info, i have tested this under node and everything works as it should so if there is a bug it seems PHP specific

I’m on Node too Brain, I see a similar issue being reported here, maybe they are related: CONTAINS being used instead of LIKE in places it shouldn't be used in database manager queries

Maybe database type related then, i just checked using node and wappler 5.5.2 and it seems to work as it should.
I am using a node local server setup and SQLite

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Looks like your issue is unrelated as node is not effected according to George