Search Crashes Wappler

Lately when I do search on wappler it frequently crashes and I get this

I this time I wanted to remove formatting from about 24 fields on my form so i copied and pasted the .formay(etc into the search and I got the above

Were you using the page search option, or the search panel on the left?
What was the exact expression you placed in the search?

Yes the search on the left. I was trying to remove formatting from like 24 text boxes so I searched .format( ,.,.,) “something like that” I can’t copy and past it right now I have to reboot my machine to get wappler running. Selecting restart wappler from the tray icon doesn’t work. I cant reboot right now

We are going to check this, but If you are searching in a single page, why not use the page search/search and replace instead? You can activate it in code view by clicking CTRL+F/CMD+F

what is F/CMD ??

If you are using a windows computer, please use the button CTRL + the button F.
If you are using a mac, please use the button CMD + the button F.

OH wow, and when I type it in it replaces them all, cool. learn something new every day

I just had it crash again searching for just text . I thought maybe special characters did it but this was just upper and lower case text without spaces

Do you mean when using the in-page search (on top) and not the left search panel?

no, the regular search panel on the left. I wanted to try it after reboot

The panel on the left is used to search through all the files in your project. For searches in the current page just use the in-page search tool, which I explained you about in my previous post.

I was doing a different task in this case. I needed to search the entire project for the files that used a certain e-mail account.