SCSS in the Styles panel

Going through the Wappler documentation, I cam across the following

My question to @Teodor is, how did you manage to link the Sass files to your document? Am I missing something that could be very important?

the answer is simple: Magic :slight_smile:

The real answer is we parse the compiled css and the generated source maps, so we know everything :slight_smile:

Maybe @patrick can fill you will some more details if you want

OK, I understand now. I have been compiling my own version of Bootstrap but never bothered about the maps. The result has been CSS in the styles panel. Produced a map and voila, SCSS in the styles panel. Great to know and thank you. You are right: Magic :slightly_smiling_face:

If source maps are detected in the generated css file it will use them to map the rules to the correct file. You can then click on the filename in the styles panel and it would open the file and jump to the line for that rule. This will help finding where the css rules are generated.

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