Scrolling headline text

I would like to add a scrolling text headline to the top of our page limited to one line scrolling like a marquis on a theater. I tried in view animation but can’t create the effect I like, is there another way?

Hey @rokit,
Can you provide an example of what do you want to achieve?

It’s hard to find a simulation quickly but basically a box at the top of the screen and have the text scroll through the box left to right or right to left like those news updates at the bottom of the tv screen.

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Ah you mean like the old-school marquee?

Ok that will work, I was just wondering if you had that as a choice in the visual design elements rather than through code but this gets me there thanks

No, we don’t have such a component available as click and insert.

Better go with some CSS scroller from codepen or similar. Check also compatibility before using


Well feeling pretty retro right now LOL. I wanted to make a row that shows up at the top of our racing series based on a notice (like cancellation due to rain) Sometimes it’s more text than will fit. The marquee deal is a littl sluggish and inconsistent. I think I’ll stick with the visual designer stuff.

As you can probably tell I’m not much of a coder, I like to stick wit the items I can build in the app structure panel. I realize the code items are easy to stick in there but for now I’m trying my best to stick with the visual (non code) solutions. Thanks again