Script JS Tagify with SRI hash resets on every save

I’m using tagify, and the script line get automatically added, that’s perfect, but I need to add integrity in the script because the need to hash the content for the Content-Security-Policy (CSP).

Wappler create this:
<script src="" defer></script>

But I need to do this:
<script src="" integrity="sha256-MT3J9XGpzFnUTrd3TXwOnzaoV0SgXk+JyaX+OlBRO34=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

But after save it reset to:
<script src="" defer></script>

The same with summernote-lite JS:
<script src=""></script>

Downloading and saving the js file to adding locally and avoid CSP, it’s not working, because Wappler search for that line, if not present create a new one, and I don’t see option to avoid this.


Just a heads up, you need to SRI hash a tagged version:

Otherwise, your website would break upon a tagify update

P.S.: Moved to bug reports, I think it’s more appropriate there :slight_smile:
Edit: Moved back to general, because I’m not sure if this is a valid bug report, because it’s using unsupported features (SRI hash)