Screen Only Flashes

Wierd 1: The Database Insert / Action screen will only momentarily appear and does not stay open. Mouse clicks will momentarily open the screen but it will not stay open. See attached vid:
screen flashes.mp4 (7.2 MB)

Wierd 2: when I edit/change text in most any field, I have to click on ''tab" key first to escape the field, than hit “Save” or the change reverts back to its original state (using a Macbook Pro, OSX 10.13.5).

Weird 2 has been around for a while I have had to use the tab key on a mac to make some alterations stick for months. Can confirm that Brad has the same experience too however it hasn’t really affected me too much.

Weird 1 has hapened to me before on a mac book pro many years ago in Photoshop using an external keyboard. My keyboard was faulty so if yours is also external. Unplug your keyboard from USB or disconnect it from bluetooth for a moment and just select the popup with the mouse to see if it stops doing that. If it does then reconnect your keyboard and see if it starts again.