Scheduling API Email & text Reminders


I was wondering what the best approach to scheduling API email and text reminders.

When someone creates an appointment on my application, I want to send them reminder emails and texts via API a day before their appointment and an hour before their appointment.

How would I go about scheduling API or workflows at certain dates and times?



You can setup a workflow under scheduler that will periodically run and query the database to find whatever needs to be sent. This is fairly easy to setup.

You can also drop tasks into a backend queue, but that is much more complicated. You’ll need the Bull queues extension.

Start with scheduler and see how you do.

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This all assumes you use Node… it is all done differently in PHP, but I’ve managed to do it!

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Thank you!

Would you recommend creating another MySQL database table called “reminders” with each time a reminder needs to be sent to the person and relationship to their info? Then have the scheduled workflow query it every 5 minutes for date/times between a 5 minute range from the current time and then build out conditions to send the email and text?

Like this?

If so what schedule interval would you use? I just randomly picked 5 minutes.

Also what would be the difference between this and Bull Ques as I do need to learn Bull Ques at some point and how to implement them?

Yes on node!

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I’m curious is this the approach you would take?