SC dynamic checkboxes

@george checkboxes is a thingy in the UI that renders dynamic expressions useless. The only way around it is going into the SC file edditing the option value and adding a binding.

Can you add a toggle next to the checkbox that changes the checkbox input into a text input where we can add expressions that evaluate to true or false?

There are many places where this would be useful. The use SSL checkbox in the mailer setup is just one example.


    "name": "mail",
    "module": "mail",
    "action": "setup",
    "options": {
        "host": "{{$_ENV.MAIL_SMTP}}",
        "port": "{{$_ENV.MAIL_PORT}}",
        "username": "{{$_ENV.MAIL_USER}}",
        "password": "{{$_ENV.MAIL_PASSWORD}}",
        "useSSL": "{{$_ENV.MAIL_SSL}}"

@george just noticed that with every update SC files are being reverted so I need to discard changes via GIT.

Hi @George, this is still an issue with every update. I need to revert changes via GIT.

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Well we need some kind of switch next to the checkbox to switch between checkbox or entry mode

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