Same image repeating 54 times

I have a master>detail page. Where master is filled from table “album_alb” to show album names. Details are from table “album_img”. Album_img table “smoelenboek” has 54 records. Link from master to detail works fine. But details wil show first record 54 times. How do I get it to show the 54 different images?

Can you post your code for your repeat region here?

    <div class="col" is="dmx-data-detail" id="data_detail2">
        <div id="repeat1" is="dmx-repeat" dmx-bind:repeat="">
          <img dmx-bind:src="../uploadfotos/{{[0].id_alb}}/{{[0].afbeelding}}" width="100">

Your binding is wrong.
It points to the first image. Make sure to select the value under the repeat when binding!

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That gets me this and not showing any images.

Ok, one slash too many. Seems to work. Just some horizontal repeat needed. I think I can do that…… And if not, I know where to find you :rofl:

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