Safran Guild Basel Website


This week we present you a website built with Wappler by André Bender, known in our community as @swf.

Here’s the description he kindly provided:

For the Safran guild Basel, we have created a stylish, state-of-the-art website. The responsive website is 100% made with Wappler. The client can easily maintain the content with our content management system and a protected area with a newsletter tool for the guild brothers rounds off the special website.


Great looking site - as usual.

(There seem to be some images missing here:

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Thanks TomD and thanks for the info regarding the missing images (fixed) :slight_smile:

Very nice site, @swf.

Can you give us some background on the CMS you built?


What would you like to know sitestreet?

Have you created a way for them to manage their main site page content which is flexible and easy to use? I’m still looking for a good solution so I can stop using systems like Wordpress just for page content. seems like a good solution but I’ve not yet actually tried it.

Why not just build a CMS using Wappler? You have all the tools you need…

Yep, that’s what I’d like to do. But if someone else has already done it then some tips would always be welcome :wink:

We’ve done it 100% with Wappler. It currently counts 1630 server action files :-). At the moment we’re implementing a forum for one of our clients.

We have a complete login procedure with password remember functionallities, cookie saving etc. A registration process for different access levels, combined with newsletter registration. We can add the newsletter/user registration to every form on any page. So the system checks if an email is already in the system and if not adds it and if yes checks if it’s activated, etc… Registration activation can be done automaticly or by the admin. Double opt-in is supported.

We have client sided and server sided data table with sophisticated filtering, export data, print details out of modals with detailed data. The data table also allows multiple update and delete.

All deletes include remove of files on the server and related database data if applied. So if you delete a news record for example, also the fotos, files and other related data are also being deleted. All image uploads (also multiple uploads) include database controlled image manipulation. So you define the size of the images in just one table for the complete system. Its placeholders can be generated within the cms by one click. All actions are logged. All important website/cms info can be maintained from within the cms. Like defining categories and it’s image sizes, cleaning webserver from old images (from data migrations), languages, email addresses. All submitted website form content, like contact forms, can be accessed from the cms.

We have news, blog, events, website content maintenance, slideshows, services, company informations, exhibitions, animal database, a powerful newsletter and press tool, faq, website notification and many many more content. The cms supports multiple languages and also has extranet support, which can very easily be implemented.

We “just” have to dump the database and clone the cms and can start with a new website. No more work on server sided form logic or client sided forms or data tables is needed (except for new requests of course).

The user only has to edit the content of the website not the page itself. So it’s very easy to handle, as it just like working with excel tables and form pages. Everything is explained, conditions show new fields if needed or hide them. Fields get only required for example when the user wants content to be shown in a specific language on the website (like a news title in english if showinenglish == 1). And many more little helpers :slight_smile:

It would really take some time to explain all of it. Maybe I’m gonna make some videos when I find some time.


I work on my own, without any other collaboration with other developers and the cms you have created sounds wonderful and very comprehensive. It would be great to have an insight, even a small snippet, into what you have created. There is obviously a lot to choose from but it would be great to see some things that we could all learn from. Whether it’s actual code or your thinking behind it.

For me, my initial interest would be the image uploads, sizing, placeholders and how you control all that etc but really there is so much you have mentioned that sounds very interesting.

I remember you saying quite some time ago that you hoped to share some information about your CMS but obviously you have been very busy.