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Hi everyone!

Like many, my Wappler journey has been a slow one, but with support from you guys, I haven’t looked back since I got going. Thanks again.

I just thought I’d share one of my projects with the community.

Introducing Sabi Sports, a sports news aggregator powered by Wappler. It provides up-to-date news headlines from a variety of sources across multiple sports. Currently, only football (soccer) headlines are available in this MVP, but additional sports and features will be incorporated in the coming months.

PS: Feel free to hit me up if you’re looking for a Wappler freelancer.


This is excellent. Where are you based?

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Nice looking site but theres no scroll bar, either full sized or mobile. If I didn’t have a scroll wheel on my mouse the site would be unusable.
OS: Windows 11
Edge 110.0.1587.63
Chrome 110.0.5481

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Well done. love the colour scheme.

I would make the whole breaking news card clickable and not just the little Read link. Use the bootstrap stretched link class:


I wouldn’t have spotted this. Never use scrollbars… :slight_smile:

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Nice modern looking layout and color scheme, fits to the theme of bookies! Love it.

Some thoughts:

  • Advice on UX: never ever change a page without user interaction! Nothing is more frustrating than reading content and in a sudden the page blanks and is replaced. Add a toasty / corner pop and tell the reader that new content is available and offer to reload the page.
  • Read CTA is to silent. Even more when the content has a source tag. The Link Icon makes sense for technical ppl, but the average user sees a only a yellow chain.
  • Why isn’t the complete element tappable?


  • the slider on the top doesn’t react to the scroll event. If you scroll here, the site doesn’t react.
  • On desktop, the ticker stops on mouse over. On mobile nothing I can do to pause the ticker.


  • We dont have pagers on mobile. We scroll :slight_smile:

Some really good advice. :+1:


Thanks buddy!
I’m based in Lagos, Nigeria.

If you’re asking to push stuff my way, my time’s pretty flexible… Bring it on!:grin:


Thanks for the feedback buddy! Like @HeikoK I honestly never use them.
I’ll take a look at the user experience on Windows and see what improvements there are to be made. Thanks again.

Thanks a lot @pixlapps! Done!
Would be live when I push the next updates.

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Great stuff man! Thanks for taking the time.
I’ve read through your notes, and they do make sense.

I’ll definitely be implementing them!
‘Yellow chain’ cracked me up! :laughing:

Thanks again.

I don’t either but we always test out fully before deployment so its second nature for me to do it automatically when looking at others efforts - I’ve been personally caught out loads of times with this kind of stuff as its so easily overlooked.

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Great work, do you still have space to work on freelance projects?

Thanks @systemshock :slightly_smiling_face:
I actually do! Have you got a project you’d like to discuss?