S3 Multi Upload - Files Property is Blank After Upload

Wappler Version : 5.1.1
Operating System : W10
Server Model: NodeJS

Expected behavior

When using S3 File Upload option on client side, the component should have all file information available under s3upload1.files.

Actual behavior

This files object is blank with Multi-Upload option.

When doing the same with single-upload, the files property gives complete file details on success dynamic event.
This has been asked a couple of times before but unanswered.

The purpose is to save the successfully uploaded files’ information in the DB.

The files property holds information about the files currently in the queue, it works the same as in the dropzone component. When you place files in the component they are available in the files property, when the file was uploaded it will be removed from the list.

You should store the uploaded files in the DB after the upload in the server action that handled the upload.

This is S3 client upload. So the files are getting uploaded by the component itself. I am not doing it.
I just need the files name, after they have been successfully uploaded.

@Teodor I posted this under Bug because for single S3 upload component, the file object is not cleared after upload is completed, but it does for multi upload.

@patrick Did you get a chance to check this? How do I get the uploaded files’ information on success of S3 Upload?

The multi upload works different then the single upload, it is a queue for files to be uploaded, the files property shows the files currently in that queue. You can add/remove files from the queue and files get removed after they finished uploading.

I could perhaps create a new property for the component that holds all the successful uploaded file information.

Thanks. That should be helpful.

Will try to create a new FR for some other things that we’ve found would be needed.