S3 Multi Upload Causing Performance Issue

Wappler Version : 5.3.1
Operating System : Windows 11 (MS Edge Browser)
Server Model: NodeJS

In the S3 multi-upload component, there is no option to set file count or size limits/validations.
I changed the core file to set a restriction to 5GB. And removed the thumbnail HTML from UI, since the files I upload are not always images, and that leads to broken image component on screen.

Now, when I select around 16 huge image of size 480MB approx, the UI becomes unresponsive.
All actions take about 2 seconds to complete - like clicking buttons or scrolling. RAM usage increases a lot as well.

Upon checking the core file again, I see that thumbnail creation is the cause of this problem.
So I removed the dataURL and thumbnail part of the code, and UI became responsive again with same set of images, and uploading works fine as well.

A proposed solution would be to add an option to generate thumbnail or not.