Running my own javascript or jquery functions

I used to create functions and run them using Dreamweaver static events and the code would look like this:

MM_callJS(‘startloading();’); for a function that would start a loader on the page.

Can I run my own functions using Wappler dynamic events or otherwise?

You can still use your own functions as you did in Dreamweaver with Static Events. Simply add a Static Event and type your code in.

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Thanks, Dreamweaver inserted a script in the header to run the MM_callJS function. Just though maybe App Connect could do the same somwhow. I’ll just add this to my snippit manager app and then use as you advised.

You don’t need the old MM_callJS any longer.
Just add new static event and enter: startloading(); in the field.


Curious, will this also work for SPA pages? I’m assuming that as JS that depends on $(document).ready() will be an issue as that’s only fired on the first page load and not subsequent pages fetched via XHR. Many thanks!