Row totals from another query

Hi, I’m sure this is straight forward but I can’t quite figure it out…

I have a simple bootstrap table showing results from one query (a list of group names).

I want to show the total number of participants from each group in parentheses next to each group name.

Participants are in another table - group_id is the foreign key.

Thanks for any help.

If i understand you correctly, this can be helpful:

For the second query you can use the aggregate functions available in the query builder to count the items returned.

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Perfect - I knew there would be a tutorial for it somewhere.

Many thanks.

What is the simplest way of putting a + sign besides the category and a check mark beside the products or sub categories. Thanks

Well, just put an plus icon in the category repeater before the category name and a checkbox icon in the products repeat before the product name :slight_smile:

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Great! With this it can collapse and expand, correct?

No, this functionality needs to be added. You will need to add a dynamic collapse and add dynamic data to it.
Check the forum, I am sure this was explained in some topic.

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