Routing on category

I have one part of the routing done, where is will filter through one.
However when I try and filter again from a sub menu it is just not working and I am getting error and no page loading:
and select one of the sub categories and you will see it errors.

I really cannot see what is going wrong its not passing the query from what I can see but I just can’t see why.

Any help would be really appreciated as I’ve been stuck on this for a day now.

Hi @gunnery, were you able this fix issue? I have the same trouble!

Hi I got it all working in the end. The issue I had was it needed to filter a number (product Category) so I ended up having to add that into it and it worked
As you can see the product Category is the 79
Its not exactly how I wanted it, but I’ve not had a look at it since.