Routes adding on the wrong place

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Expected behavior

I am building 2 dashboards, one for users and one for admins. When I add pages under the users dashboard, the routes should work from just the user’s dashboard

Actual behavior

After finishing the administrator dashboard, when I continue to add items to my simple user dashboard, not the admin one, the routes are been added is to the admin routes, so on the htaccess file the redirect is wrong and generates a page not found.

The file system is like this:

user dashboard is file is located at the sites root-level


Admin dashboard is in a folder called admin

How to reproduce

  • Created dashboard.php and added 2 sections inside of it. Each section was converted to page route by selecting the section main div and clicking on the Move to include file.

  • On the move content Popup selected “Content page”

  • Configured the ID Path and URL did this for both sections

  • Created a folder called Admin

  • Created a new file dashboard.php inside the Admin folder

  • Created the sections and moved them to content pages

  • Closed admin dashboard

  • Went back to the user dashboard file and created new sections in it.

  • selected again to move to include file and selected the Content page option

  • Any new section that I now move to include file the route gets added is under the Admin dashboard and not to the dashboard I have open

I also noticed on the routes.json file the route is been added to the wrong dashboard. I have manually moved it to the simple dashboard, but any time I save working on the files it adds it back to the admin dashboard.

Could this be because I have multiple routes and two files named dashboard.php?