Route Linking Bug

Can’t add dynamic links to routes. UI just closes and does not add link.

I made a video as it is easier than explaining. (10.9 MB)

Edit: Should mention I am using 2.0.0. Beta 3
Edit 2: I know I am not adding the link in the right place in the video but it is the same result as adding a Dynamic Attribute Link.

Is there a way to manually enter the link? And what format it should be in?

I tried using ./pressdetails/:story/{{id_press}} but that didn’t work.

Hi Brad,
yes you can enter it manually.

That is how mine looks:


Thanks Marcel, I will give that a try.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful adding a link manually. Any confirmation that this is indeed a bug in 2.0.0 Beta 3 or was I doing something wrong?

This will be fixed in the upcoming update, Brad.

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Thanks Teodor. As I am just figuring out how to do this wanted to make sure it was not something I was doing wrong. I will wait for next update. :wink:

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This is fixed in Wappler 2.0