Rounding decimals

Ok dumb question (Wappler newb here)

In the data formatter, how do I format a decimal number so there are only 2 places after the decimal? Example return 1.99 instead of 1.999999999999998

There is a formatNumber and round formatter, but they will round the number and not strip off like in your example. So 1.999999999999998 would become 2.00 and 1.992345 would become 1.99.

(1.999999999999998).round(2) will round on 2 decimals and returns a number
(1.999999999999998).formatNumber(2) will also round on 2 decimals and returns a string, you can also change the separator and delimiter, so an expression like (1250.1234).formatNumber(2, ',', '.') will output 1.250,12 as a string.


@Patrick Thank you!