Roadmap for Mobile Apps and info about tutorial

I’d like to use Wappler to build some Apps for iOS and Android but I would need some tutorial to understand how to do it with Framework7, as Bootstrap is not suitable for this purpose.

I’m not talking about publication in the various App Stores or to install the components as Android Studio etc., but how to make for example a login system using the F7 page route, to use the local storage, etc.

Also, know how to upgrade to version 6 as Wappler still installs version 4.
On the “Docs -> Mobile Apps” section of I could not find anything about this.


I suggest you to start with:


Thanks Teodor, I’ll start with the tutorials you’ve given me…
What about updating to the latest version 6? For Apps (especially with iOS) it is always very important to use the latest versions of the various frameworks to avoid compatibility problems.