Road map? what are the team fixing + improving

As wappler is new and have a lot of missing functionality and bunch of bugs.

is there a way to know what bugs will be fixed and what functionality will be added in the next update and the time frame of future updates release?

we don’t know if the bugs we submit is actually recognized as bugs.

In my experience, in most cases if it is recognized as a bug George will like the post. If it will be fixed in next update he will generally post that it will be fixed in next update in a reply.

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Yes indeed - we try to keep now very short cycles in fixing the bugs. Our goal is to keep on releasing weekly updates and squeeze the bugs ASAP. Then we can focus on adding additional functionality that is often requested.

So if you find a bug just report it, well do a search first of course and if you find that somebody else have filed the bug - just “like” the post. This way we can see it as a priority.

Also the search in the forum is already activated during the time you are entering bug info so you can see other useful info as well.

And indeed me likening a bug post is like an “acknowledge” :slight_smile: I also try to add some tags to it so we can classify it.

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