Right click context menu with position at mouse pointer

Hi guys,
is there a way to neatly integrate a right click context menu at the rows of a table? Since I am limited in width and the table already has many columns, I figured it would be best to provide additional record options with a left right menu. But I haven’t found any item that provides that, especially with positioning it dynamically.

If it’s too complicated, I’ll integrate a top action menu that appears over the table after right-clicking a row. But I want to extend my knowledge so I hoped I could get some tips. And I guess, I’m not the only one with the need of a context menu, particularly in web apps.

Have you tried the App Connect Popover? See here for more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1z0ZYSbu9A

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Hi @ben,
thank you for your idea but unfortunately that’s not a solution that works out for me. I need to be able to design the context element and I was stupid enough to confuse left click with right click. Of course I mean right click as it is normal in every situation to open the menu with right click. I’m gonna edit that to eliminate misunderstandings. It was very late yesterday :):sleeping: Sorry!

I’m gonna try to use modals and see what I can do.

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Modals would have been my next suggestion. I think they will work well for you.

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