Reviews? Digital Ocean?

Now that I see (I run 3 web apps there) management has been added to Wappler I’m asking today from Digital Ocean users some feedback:

DB connections dependable?
22.04 (LTS) x64 anybody running with this environment?
Is this a one-stop shopping experience for most of you, or do you need to run supplemental services not in your Digital Ocean account?
Highly Recommended?

I am much obliged to hear some user cases! :smiley:

You don’t like Linode or you just want to try something new? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very happy with it. Robust, scalable and cost effective. Serves most of our needs other than AWS Lambdas when circumventing wappler issues (e.g. API connect).

Can’t really fault it

Linode and digital ocean are actually very similar in offerings and pricing.

Both quality is very high so it is just which suits you better.

Hetzner is also very good and way cheaper but they offer currently just bare bone servers and limited data center locations.

As for Ubuntu 22 - it is a bit too new and some things like older ssh protocols are disabled. So I suggest sticking to Ubuntu 20 for now till everything catch up.


The biggest difference I notice between Linode and DO is the admin interface. DO’s admin interface looks nice, but I have always found it to take 10+ seconds to load even when you’re on a relatively simple part of their admin site.

On Linode, I have never felt like “is this page ever gonna load?” when logged in.

Thank you, @George

I’m running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS at Linodes.
But here’s an interesting opinion about Ubuntu & Canonical from a knowledgeable source:

Come and go ssh and sftp connections are my chief problem with Linodes. Here this morning, gone this afternoon…

But it may be my fault. I don’t always bring a red shiny apple for the host before opening up my terminal.

I was introduced to a CapRover Droplet concept 6 months ago. It allows me to serve multiple small sites from a single Droplet.

SSL managed by DO and CapRover configuration - I just get email notices every 60 days that it’s been updated.

Using Github to publish. One branch for development, one for live.

Using Spaces for images and a MariaDB as a CapRover app.

Whole concept took some getting used to, but today it works.

I have two droplets on DO running Docker containers with their own SSL certs and using docker databases within MariaDB inside the docker container, not really sure why I’d want the managed DB tbh, just seems like a needless cost