REVIEW: The New Design Panel Updated

Check out the new slick Design panel, still available as experimental feature but greatly updated based on your feedback!

and the advanced view is now also remembered and really nice looking.

Next to come - more border and background controls!

So keep the feedback coming!


Wowwwwww perfect…

Looks great! Installing now.

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Design panel looks great so far. Only major issue is no support for responsive design as I mentioned here:

This would really make a big difference for someone coming from Webflow.

We will be supporting CSS media queries, based on the device selected, as well class selection and creation in the new design panel, so you will be able to make great responsive images indeed

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not just responsive images but also any type of responsive element(s) like a div or text block, etc.
am i right?

Yes, the idea is that when you select a device to work on in design view, the design panel changes will apply to that device and up.

Just as it is normal in the bootstrap 4 responsive design