Reusable server connect function in node js

I have multiple apis created in server connect. In these apis there is a common function which fetches data from table based on different id. This id will be different in each apis, so I want the function to accept the id as an argument and perform necessary actions.
Is there any feature like this ?

Is this a custom function you created? Or some of the server action steps?

No, its not a custom function. Reason, is there are some query actions to be performed. So I want it to be server action.

Then you can use the library options in the API Actions to do this.

I did check it. But none of the actions take any arguements. How do I pass it ?

What do you mean? You can pass variables to them - check the tutorial, it explains how to do this and what is the difference between an include and exec.

use the param field (not POST or GET)

Got it, thank you.