Restart / Shutdown Is Halted By Wappler In Top Menu Bar

I’m loving the updated Wappler 4.0!

However, while doing a restart or a shutdown on my MacBook Pro (Intel), Wappler 4.0 is opened in the top menubar, all other apps close fine, but Wappler halts the restart / shutdown with the error seen in the photo below:

Once I close the Wappler menu item the restart proceeds and the error message disappears.

Thanks for the report, will check it out.

Does it also happen if you just logout?

Also on startup and login does the Wappler tray icon auto starts?

On logout it does halt the process, and then proceeds once the Wappler tray icon is closed.
The Wappler tray icon is set to auto start on startup login.
Frankly I’d really do not use it. I usually hide it via Mac control. However, with each upgrade it is reinstalled. So I just let it stay. :blush:

George tray icon also prevented other apps from closing it. This case CleanMyMac could not close Wappler’s tray icon. See images below:

I am also experiencing this. Can’t shut down the Macbook Pro without having to quit Wappler from the top toolbar.