Restart DB Server


I am trying to pull data from my DB and therefore defined a respective query in API actions.

However my green circle is half full and I believe my DB server is not running, see here:

I searched in help forum and google for “Wappler restart db server and similar”, killed all services and restartet, but no success.

Is there a restart button somewhere in order I can get a full green circle again?



Does your docker based project has a database defined in the target settings? As it looks like it deploys only the web server and not the database server.

When you define a target using docker local the database is not automatically defined. You have to go back into the target settings and define the database you want to use. The half green dot normally means this has not been done

Thank you Sirs!:

I actually believe the database was defined in targets, no changes here:

Pressing this button brought the full green circle:

Problem solved. Thanks again & a great weekend ahead!