Responsive Email Templates

Anyone have any luck creating responsive email templates with Wappler? Or know a good source to get one that can be edited in Wappler?

Perhaps that is something that could be added to Wappler - a responsive email template.

One resource could be directly from DW (I never tried it though).
A resource I used is this:
I downloaded a newsletter and it was easy to edit it within Wappler visual editor.

Thank you

I use Direct Mail for all my clients mailers because it plugs in so brilliantly with Amazon AWS sending services, I opened that, grabbed a template i liked, saved out the source code and opened it in Wappler, worked very easily, no alterations needed, in Server Connect i loaded it and added in all my dynamic content.
I think the App cost me $199 for an unlimited license where you can use your own SMTP server, it also plugs in perfectly with Mail Designer Pro which is a little expensive but required for a person like me who is not a very good designer.

try it is bit expenses but very good.

You can also check those from ZURB:

they seem pretty good and are responsive. Maybe we should include something like this with Wappler indeed.


Just another url but ‘n have made countless emails with Foundation from Zurb. Works well. Easy to style inline with Wappler’s new panel for styling:

They are very good… and speaking of Zurb… How about Zurbs splendid Foundation Framework into Wappler. Still hoping and waiting…:slight_smile:


This looks promising:


You can also use a mail marketing service like Sendinblue, their free plan is generally enough and you can design your emails, they are responsive and you just need to connect it with the API connector in Wappler. You can even retrieve some informations to pass in your emails like the recipient name etc. :slight_smile:
And, with this solution, your emails will be sent via their servers directly, so they won’t go in the spam box.


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Thanks for the vid! I will make sure to take a look at it.


Nice video Ben! Well done!

Clear and easy explained!


Great vid!

@George, any chance something similar can be built in for those of us still using PHP? :pray:


another vote for that

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I am not sure why it took me so long to see this video and I am deeply sorry @ben. The video was awesome and explained everything that I needed to know. It took me a moment to find the 2nd video, but I did find it and it was also detailed and explained everything clearly.

Thank you so much! Don't let those thumbs down upset you!! :slight_smile:

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Hey, I used Beefree for creating customized email templates fast, and it works well with Wappler.

They also have a very nice plugin that could be integrated with Wappler maybe in the future