Resize/Relocate a Modal

How do I resize a modal or change where it will appear on a page?

Also, how would I pre-populate an order form on a modal - as an example: when it opens, it displays info from a catalog item selected by a user? Are there any demos anywhere that show how to do this?

You have three options for sizes and centered or top for location. It is in the properties panel for the modal.

As for displaying your data you would do it exactly the same as you would on a regular page. No difference.

But how do I set where on the page (top, bottom, left or right) where the modal opens up?

You can’t. You have two options.

Choose ‘Centered’ if you want it centered vertically and horizontally on the page. Else it will open near the top of the page. That’s the only two options there is for modals.

On another issue… I am trying to learn how to add dynamic buttons to my catalog page that 1.) opens a larger view of the image when clicked on and 2.) the "Order’ button opens the page’s modal that includes an order form that I want pre-populated with the catalog’s item data. If anyone can give me info about how to do this or steer me toward a tutorial would be really appreciated. Here is a simple example from an early Dreamweaver project of what I’m looking to do in Wappler:

See attached graphic.