Reset Page View Icons

How do I remove the Page View icons? I find the file type icons much more useful and appealing visually.

1: Change to File View
2: Right click and select ‘Show Hidden’
3: Find this file

4: Open file
5: Delete code

  "clientsearch.php": {
    "thumb": "/Misc/Search results.svg"
  "_template.php": {
    "description": "Starting Template for all pages.",
    "thumb": "/Main page/Header with image 3.svg"

This has been added in v3 Beta 6.

Still not sure why I would want to use the pages view over the file view though?

Brad, check the docs showing how to work with layout/template pages :slight_smile:

That’s all Node.js stuff though. Not something I’d likely ever be in the position to use. :frowning:

Well after NodeJS the templating will come to PHP as well :slight_smile: So most probably it will be of use for you.
Also NodeJS is not as scary as it sounds - it’s worth taking a look at some point.

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I don’t have access to Node.js hosting either on my local machine or remote server. So it’s not a possibility for me even if I did understand any of it. But that’s not a Wappler issue. Obviously Node.js is popular so it’s a good feature. :wink:

You don’t need any local setup actually :slight_smile: Wappler creates a local server for you, runs it and installs everything that you need when you create a node project.

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