Request to have a Wappler Subscription for newbies

Being new to wappler , I guess there should be enough time for trial period to learn Wappler, or at least a minimum subscription fee just to learn Wappler, maybe limited to only 1 project or 2 with all features enabled just to learn it. I heard other Wappler users that it took them a year to really master at least Wappler.

The idea of trial period is not to learn and master the product. The idea is you to be able to check if the features packed in Wappler are offering enough for you and 14 days should be more than enough for this.
We offer monthly subscriptions for individuals, which you can purchase after the trial and learn Wappler.


Don’t forget, with Wappler you don’t pay per site you launch. A lot of other tools claim to cost less per month, but you’ll end up paying for every site you launch. And so much of what I’ve learned with Wappler is standard code, not some weird proprietary thing.

In my opinion, Wappler is a good value even for one site – but if you’re planning to manage or maintain more than one site it is an extremely solid value for what you get.