Request for Help Regarding Xero API - How to Use "where" To Find a Contact in Xero

Hey there anyone who has linked to Xero…
(@sitestreet, @scalaris, @Roney_Dsilva and others…)

I’m implementing my Xero API, and I want to be able to search Xero to see if a particular contact already exists to associate an invoice with… and I can’t seem to make the where filter work.

Here is what I have… am I missing some small but important detail? It is just returning all contacts, rather than the one I want…



Don’t use this API. Sorry can’t help

Did you find the solution?


@Antony, it looks like you may be putting the where in the wrong place. It’s not a header, it’s a query parameter.

So if you’re doing this in an API action, then you probably need to use the Query Parameters section

If that doesn’t work then you could try to use the Dynamic Attributes to set the URL.
Here’s an example

So for you it’ll be something like:{{where_filter}}