Repeat Error - Error: core.repeater: repeat is required

What causes this Error…

“Error: core.repeater: repeat is required.”

See some screenshots and code.

Essnetilaly I am repeating for the count of the DB (16 in this example) and then returning the values for the single query.

Maybe there is a better way to do this but if I Hardcode 16 into my repeat it seems to work fine.

This works by hardcoding ‘16’ into the repeat so not sure why.

If i simply turn the “Repeat Function OFF” the does return the number 16 so I am not sure if I need to change the data type or something to get this to work?

Well it seems that the expression you use for count is empty

I have just hit this same problem today @George

If my action is very simple, a multi database query, which returns 1040 records.
Then a repeat step pointed at the actual query, and a single setvalue in the repeat for testing purposes it works perfectly.

If I then add a step to include a library action then i get the following error., if I remove the include, it works again.

  "status": "500",
  "message": "core.repeater: repeat is required.",
  "stack": "Error: core.repeater: repeat is required.\n    at App.parseRequired (/opt/node_app/lib/core/app.js:524:23)\n    at App.repeat (/opt/node_app/lib/modules/core.js:18:29)\n    at App._exec (/opt/node_app/lib/core/app.js:491:57)\n    at App._exec (/opt/node_app/lib/core/app.js:458:28)\n    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)\n    at async App.exec (/opt/node_app/lib/core/app.js:427:9)\n    at async App.repeat (/opt/node_app/lib/modules/core.js:80:17)\n    at async App._exec (/opt/node_app/lib/core/app.js:491:30)\n    at async App._exec (/opt/node_app/lib/core/app.js:458:17)\n    at async App.exec (/opt/node_app/lib/core/app.js:427:9)"

Edit: Even if I remove all previous steps, and only use the include pointed at a library action which itself contains many repeat steps, I get the error. The same happens for the Execute step. So something pretty strange going on with this.

Can you show the actions steps that go wrong, is it only with the include action inside the repeat or when there is any include in the action?

I am actually trying to narrow it down too, will PM you something so you can take a look, sorry its all sensitive data, so has to be on PM

Its not a Wappler issue, it was something wrong with the data returned from the API, sorry about the false report, just assumed because the script has been running for ages and all of a sudden started giving this error.

Sorry, psweb is right…