Repeat action server variables

Hi, I am new to some of the action servers and due to the lack of extensive documentation I am trying and learning through experimentation.

With the repeat action server I have found this curios situation.

I set a value to a variable named count, which obviously generate a variable count. When I set a new value to it inside the repeat action server step apparently it create a new variable count in the inner scope.

Could someone help me with it?

repeat action step

repeat action step - 2

Can you explain what are you trying to achieve? Your server action steps don’t really make sense.

Hi Teodor,

That is just a small teste to better understand how repeat action steps work.
Do you have some documentation about action step like the repeat and about setting variables?

The problem I am addressing is how to test if the upload of a file has been finished.

Apparently the file upload returns before the upload is finished.


Not sure what do you mean by this and what does file upload return before finishing?

It’s already explained in the docs how to access the upload progress values:

As per the repeat step - it just repeats the steps inside as many times as the expression assigned to it returns.

Good, I will try with the progress bar.

But the question about the variables remains. Both count variables set should not refer to the same variable?

When I refer to them in the dynamic link they show as two different variables.

If you explain what exactly are you trying to achieve I will be able to answer your question.

Repeats have an own scope where the variables are added, you could use the Global Name property to update the global counter.

Thanks Patrick
That is it. I should be using the global names. It works.