Render HTML data from summer note in front

I have several summernote fields on my form which submit data like the below into the db.

<ol ><li>university of education winneba 2014 2018.</li><li>university of education 2010 2012.</li><li>presbyterian college of education 2005 2008.</li><li>asamankese secondary school 2001 2004.</li><li>anweam r/c jss 2008 2001.</li></ol>

How do I display this data as rendered HTML in the front? I don’t want the HTML tags to show in the front. I just want it rendered in this case ordered list

Use dmx-html=""
Instead of dmx-text

Use Dynamic Attributes --> Inner HTML in the App Connect Properties Panel (Screenshot from Beta but is available in stable as well)

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Thank you brad and bpj, this worked like magic