Rename Community Edition

I suggest renaming the Community Edition of Wappler since it name suggest it is more then it is. I use a lot of software who have a Community Edition, this is normally their Open Source version or the version for the Open Source Community, Wappler Community Edition is neither.

Also I find the Free version very limited, it is not more then a Demo and I just expected more from it. I checked all the sample templates and all of them require you to buy a license, also trying to build a simple page using the documentation gave me the message to buy a license. Simple element like navigation that a simple website requires require a license, so for me the free version is nothing more then a Demo and you are required to buy a License even to create a simple static website.


It should be called Wappetizer Edition



  1. a small dish of food or a drink taken before a meal or the main course of a meal to stimulate one’s appetite.

so renaming it will make you happy?

I do not think renaming it will make anyone happy @mrbdrm. What they are wanting to make sure of though is that nobody is upset after downloading a free version that has more limitations than they believed at the time of download. If they download Wappler Lite Edition they have a different idea in their mind vs downloading Wappler Community Edition.
If the name can help manage end user expectation it avoids many upset clients. The wrong name for a trial or the wrong expectation of an end user could potentially be the difference to an upset end user or an end user expecting that if they like what they see then they should be prepared to buy it.

@psweb i was sarcastic
The name make zero difference in anything. they could call it laundry edition.
read what are the features of the version you are using. its not a guessing by the name game :sweat_smile: