Remove Scroll Bars

A Minor Recommendation:

If you could make the scrollbars show only when activated, this would be great. They needlessly occupy Screen Realestate, especially with remote jobs on laptop workstations.

Maybe it’s my OCD?

Which scroll bars are you referring to? I don’t see any un-needed scroll bars at all.

13" Macbook Pro

Really? I’m working on a MacBook Pro 15" and they are in just about ever panel. Ha!

you know you can drag the panel by the edge to increase the size and remove the horizontal scroll bar.

Sorry, that doesn’t work here. The panel would be really wide to make room for the content within the panel.

Hi @revjrblack, unfortunately every green arrow you show pointing to a scroll bar is needed, maybe not on a MacBook Pro with two finger scroll functionality, or with a magic mouse with two finger scroll functionality, or with a mouse that has a fully working scroll wheel, but how would you scroll vertically or horizontally if you were using a PC Laptop that did not have mouse pad scroll functionality, where you would need to click and hold the scroll bar and pull up / down / left or right to see the rest of your code or App Structure etc.

Every scroll bar you pointed to is a valid place where a scroll bar would be required.

If I install Mac OS X High Sierra on a MacPro and connect a PC mouse scroll bars appear all over the place in the operating system.

However if i connect a Magic Mouse then all the scroll bars are removed by the operating system as it expects me to use two finger scroll.

So the only way to get rid of the scroll bars on an application that works on Mac / PC and Linux would be to make the application recognise the hardware changes on a per computer basis.

I guess I am spoiled to the Mac OS. The scrollbars disappear after a couple of seconds of inactivity. When you need to scroll, the magic happens via touchpad or magic mouse. How that happens, I have no clue. I just love it when they disappear. Ha!

We are experimenting with similar technique to hide them on inactivity and show on cursor over panel indeed. Will be nice if this works :slight_smile:

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