Remove (on paid plan) Wappler/DMX references from codebase

Hi team,

I’m certainly not against credit where it’s due (and a lot of credit is due to the team), but it would be a nice as a paid feature to anonymise Wappler/DMX references in the codebase.

You shouldn’t mix branding and code naming.

Wappler allows to build white-label apps. It doesn’t enforce their branding anywhere.

But you have to name the files and components somehow. Be that DMX or CodeyMcCodeFace. You can’t not name files and components :slight_smile:

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Sure but they could use generic names without their company name.
Instead of dmx-lazyload-dynamic why can’t it be just lazyload-dynamic?

For the same reason vue.js and angular js are using: v-attribute and ng-attribute :slight_smile:

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They could of course. But once apps like or learn how wappler names components they will spit out that your site uses Wappler.

So as with your other concern. Anybody with the means of knowing what you are using will do it :slight_smile:


Ok fair enough :slight_smile:

I know what the concerns behind this request are. Same as they are with Bubble.

How do you sell the idea of no(low)-code to investors and clients? For me it is always better to build an app with proven technologies than building things from scratch.

That’s why nobody asks Twitter to rename Bootstrap files to something generic. Same for Jquery. And of course nearly 100% of web frameworks.


Just clarifying, the feature request isn’t a complaint, just a suggestion as an optional paid feature for those that wish to anonymize references to a nocode/lowcode platform. Bubble does not offer this from memory. That’s all :slight_smile:


I have noticed this script being repeated many times in a bubble document:

<script type="text/javascript"> if (!window._bubble_page_load_data) { window._bubble_page_load_data = {} } window._bubble_page_load_data['pre_early'] =; </script>

Also, you could potentially do that yourself if you wanted. Unlike Bubble the code is yours so you could find and replace all the references and change them.

You would most probably destroy the app while doing it. And you wouldn’t be able to use the app anymore with Wappler UI.

A better approach would be to pass all the files through a script that does that automatically before deploying to production. That way you could keep using Wappler UI with the app and only change the names before moving to production.

So actually there is no need for a paid feature for this as anyone can do it. Completely not worth it. But it is doable.

With all this I just want to male a strong point about owning the code :wink: