Remove files from drop zone on form reset

I have a form which resets after successful insertion into the database, however the drop zone image stays there. Am I missing something or is there a way to reset the drop zone not to have the previous file there?

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Hi, I opened a similar post because I have the same issue. The On Success do not start after completion of the server connect.
I put reset form and notifies but nothing happened.

all my notifications and resets work, just the drop zone does not clear the image out and you manually take it out.

I made a form where there is the drop zone and other fields but reset do not work for all the form. Other forms works properly.

Same issue,dropzone form does not clear when called from success event

It is an honor to have the same bug of one of the most famous wappler ambassador :wink:

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Hope you don’t mind, tweeted that one.



Hi, I am having the same issue, any workaround you recommend?

This has been added in the latest version Wappler 2.0 Beta 3.
When on success you call form reset, it removes files from the dropzone.