Remote JSON with headers

My goal is to easily create mobile apps for existing Laravel websites.
So my feature request for a Wappler JSON extension it that it should be configurable to send a header with every outgoing request.

Link to Laravel on how to consume their API via javascript.

The json extension will be updated but I do not know when.

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is a very good extension. It’s a shame to be so under-exploited.

could be better worked on.

What is the status on this one?

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We need more vote :)) maybe @ben @Hyperbytes
@psweb @AdrianoLuiz @revjrblack @brad

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I’ll vote if you will teach me how to use this feature. :grin:

Of course @revjrblack :))

Deal! You got my vote.

What is the status on this one? (2)

please update this extension :grin:

API Connections to remote data sources implemented in version 1.5.3


I guess alot of posts can be closed now with these API implementation!